The arrest of a “network of spies” belonging to the Israeli Mossad in Turkey


Turkish and Israeli flags above the Turkish Embassy in Tel Aviv

picture released, Reuters

The Turkish newspaper Al-Sabah, which is loyal to the Turkish government and is close to the ruling party, revealed today, Friday, that one of the members of the Israeli spy network – which consists of 15 members and was arrested recently – was collecting information on the Palestinians residing in Turkey and on the Turkish military industrialization.

On Thursday, the newspaper published the news of the arrest of the network in early October.

According to the newspaper, the accused were detained on charges of international espionage. So far, officials in Turkey have not announced this news directly.

The Turkish newspaper, which is close to Erdogan’s party, indicated that one of the accused, who owns a consulting company in Istanbul to help students coming from abroad to study in Turkey, received a call from a Mossad agent via WhatsApp, in December 2018, asking him to collect information about “clients of Erdogan.” In Germany, people of Arab origin want their children to study in Turkish universities.

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