The birthday of the artist Ahmed Abdel Wareth.. today


Today, Monday, is the birthday of the artist Ahmed Abdel Wareth, who presented a number of artworks that left a great imprint with the audience.

The late artist Ahmed Abdel Wareth was born on the eighteenth of October in 1947. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts. He is considered one of the group of a large number of artists, including Nour El-Sharif, Afaf Shoaib and Ahmed Zaki.

احمد عبدالوارث

Ahmed Abdel Warith discovered his artistic talent by chance, when his school principal asked him to star in one of the plays, after which he worked as an actor and found himself and discovered his talent, until he won the gold and silver medals in the plays The Price of Freedom and a Beautiful Tragedy while he was at the Khedivial School.

Ahmed Abdel Wareth, in the artistic community, began working on television through his participation in the Escape series, which was directed by Niazi Mustafa, and then participated in several works, including Zahrat Al-Aswar, Travelers, Innocents in the Dock, Crocodile Lake, and The Million Journey.

Ahmed Abdel Wareth married the late comedian Souad Nasr, had two children with her, and separated from her after a while, but despite that, they had a good relationship after the divorce, and after her death he grieved for her departure, and after his separation from his late wife Souad Nasr, Ahmed Abdel Wareth married A Syrian woman, with whom he had two daughters, Miran and Alaa.

Ahmed Abdul Waris and Saad Nasr

He started his acting career in the early seventies, with many films, including Karnak and The Return of the Prodigal Son, but his dramatic beginning was in the series “Escape” with his colleague Nour El Sherif.

The good features of his face helped him to present the roles of good characters, as a friend, father or one of the owners of simple professions.

He participated in successful series, including Layali Al Helmiya, Who Doesn’t Love Fatima, Birds of the Sun, In Good Hands, Yesterday’s Story, and his last series was “Ard Jaw” in 2017, while in the cinema, it was through the movie “Al-Mashasati 2”, with the artist Tamer Abdel softener.

The great artist Ahmed Abdel Wareth had passed away in one of the Kobe El-Kobba hospitals after a struggle with illness at the age of 71, as the able artist had been present over the past few days in a Kobe El-Kobba hospital.


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