The completion of the implementation of the Adly Mansour Bridge within the project to develop the ring road and its experimental operation


The Ministry of Transport announced the completion of the construction of a higher bridge Saad El Din El Shazly Tunnel As well as the completion of the implementation of the Adly Mansour Bridge in the Asher parking area, and its trial operation, which is 1,250 meters long, 30 meters wide and 7 lanes, as part of the project to develop and expand the ring road around Greater Cairo.

The Ministry of Transport confirmed that the Adly Mansour Bridge will contribute to eliminating the traffic jams that the Salam Tunnel has been witnessing throughout the past period, so that this tunnel is in one direction from the Meadow towards New Cairo, and the bridge is used for those coming from New Cairo to enter the Marg area.

The Ministry of Transport indicated that the implementation rate of the Al-Marj Bridge reached 99.5%, which is 1500 meters long and 14 meters wide, with 3 traffic lanes, which will serve the traffic coming from the Zakat Foundation to Mostorod. And Al-Marj Street, and the bridge will pass above the sewage station, the subway station, and the regions stop in Al-Marj.

The Ministry of Transport stated that the implementation of the highway sector – Saad El-Din El-Shazly has been completed by 100%, and the Carrefour tunnel in Maadi is being expanded to achieve traffic liquidity in this sector. Suez, whose implementation rate reached 100%, as well as the internal support road from Ismailia Desert to Joseph Tito and the external support from Saad El Shazly to Ismailia Desert, which has a development rate of 97%, and the development rate of the distance from Ismailia Desert to El-Marg reached 97% and the distance from El-Marg to Alexandria Agricultural 93% for road works and 95% for Mostorod Bridge. The development rate in the distance from Alexandria agricultural to Alexandria desert reached 85%.

As for the Mariotia-Highway sector, it includes the distance from Mariouteya to the El-Moneeb Bridge, which has a development rate of 80%, and the development rate of the El-Moneeb Bridge is 99%, and the development rate of the distance from El-Moneeb Bridge to the highway is 73%, and the highway intersection has been completed with a 100% implementation rate).

The Ministry of Transport pointed out that the works currently being implemented for the comprehensive development of the road took into account the construction of a lane for BRT bus lanes and stations, which will run on the ring road, which is a major leap in the means of transportation, noting that the infrastructure of the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) is being implemented, which amounted to The percentage of its implementation is 16%, so that the ring road is one of the first roads in Egypt on which this system is used, and a plan is being implemented to develop and strengthen the lighting system on the ring road, and the rate of implementation of road lighting works has reached 70%, and a plan is being implemented for optimum exploitation under bridges and presented to investors.

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