The date of the presentation of the series, the founder Othman, the third part, and the transmission channels


With great interest and close follow-up, the Egyptian audience who loves Turkish drama is watching the third part of the founder Osman bin Artgrel series, where it was announced that episode 65 of the series will be broadcast on the Turkish ATV channel, starting from October 6, 2021.

It is one of the best Turkish works that won the admiration of millions in all parts of the Arab world, and the evidence for this is that it achieved high viewing rates because it discusses an important period of Islamic history.

And how to establish the Ottoman Empire in a very interesting and attractive way, and we present to you the date of the seriess presentation and the frequency of the channel carrying it.

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Osman's resurrection
Osman’s resurrection

The timing of the broadcast of the series, founder Othman, part three

yarmouk tv
yarmouk tv

Through the Yarmouk channel every Thursday at nine in the evening and repeated Friday at one in the afternoon.

Despite the presence of many wonderful Turkish series on the dramatic scene, the founder Osman series has won the admiration of the vast majority of Turkish drama followers in the Arab world, as search engines crowded searching for the date of the presentation of episode 65 of the series.

It is worth noting that sources close to the production company reported that the broadcast date of the third season of the founder Othman series will be on October 6, 2021.

This was the end of the last episode of the second part of the founder Othman series, with the victory of “Othman”, a wonderful war tactic over Nicolas, who escaped from completing the confrontation with the founder Othman.

The Byzantine army withdrew in front of it, and all the fans of the series are waiting for the broadcast of the first episode of the third season, which tells important details about the Islamic era and the Ottomans were able to rule the whole world during that stage.

Turgut Alp
Turgut Alp

The series includes a group of the best actors on the Turkish scene and they are the same participants in the past two parts, here is a brief about them:

  • Burak Ozcivit, who plays the invader Osman Ibn Ertuğrul.
  • Aisha Gul Junay.
  • Ragheb Savas.
  • Aslhan Karalar.
  • Noureddin Sonmar.
  • Didam Balchin.
  • Jalal Al.
Osman's new enemy
Osman’s new enemy

The frequency of the ATV channel, which carries the series “The Resurrection of Othman”, episode

We monitor for you the frequency of the ATV channel on the TurkSat 42 East satellite, and they are as follows:

Channel nameTurkish ATV channel
codec rate27500
error correction factor6/5
the qualityHD
The satelliteNile Sat

Al Watan channel frequency

The satellite Nile Sat
codec rate27500

4 Shabab channel frequency

Channel nameFor youth
The satelliteNile Sat
error correction factor5/6


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