The defendants took advantage of the family’s travel.. Details of the theft of the villa of the daughter of the Minister of Defense


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Thursday 07 October 2021

Books – Saber El Mahlawy:

The Public Prosecution Office in October ordered the detention of two swimming pool cleaners, the mother of one of them and the wife of the other for 4 days pending investigations into their accusation of stealing the villa of the daughter of Planning Minister Hala Al-Saeed in October.

The Public Prosecution presented the stolen items to their owner, who admitted that they had been taken from her home, and the investigations succeeded in returning them after selling the accused to her.

The security services in Giza succeeded in uncovering the mystery of the theft of the villa of the daughter of the Minister of Planning in October, when it was found that workers cleaning swimming pools were behind the theft of gold jewelry and sums of money.

The security services in Giza received a report from the daughter of Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, the Minister of Planning, that she had discovered the theft of her villa in a compound within the department of the First October Department.

Investigations conducted by the research team led by Major General Medhat Fares, director of the General Department of Investigation, revealed that workers cleaning swimming pools were behind the intrusion into the villa and the seizure of sums of money, diamonds and gold jewelry.

The investigations, led by Brigadier General Amr Al-Borai, head of the October Investigations, and Colonel Fawzi Amer, the inspector of the October Investigations, added that the accused and his assistant took advantage of the travel of the family of the minister’s daughter and the vacancy of the villa, and infiltrated through a balcony with the Alumital door overlooking the garden and went up to the bedroom and were able to steal two hours, diamond rings and gold chains, and fled after returning the door Balcony to normal.

Investigations revealed that the defendants held a session with the wife of the first and the mother of the second to dispose of the stolen goods for fear of selling them and doubting them, so the other two accused sold them.

A security force headed by Lieutenant-Colonel Islam al-Mahdawi, head of the October First Investigation Department, succeeded in arresting the accused, and the mother of one accused and the wife of the other accused were arrested for their participation in selling stolen goods.

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