The director of the El Gouna Festival issues a big apology and hugs her live


Intisal Al-Tamimi apologized to the artist, Yousra, after his recent statements about not honoring her because she is a member of the festival’s advisory committee.

During the festival’s press conference, Enchel said, “I never meant to annoy Yousra, because she is one of my friends for a long time,” and hugged her on the air in the presence of everyone.

The past few days have witnessed a dispute between the artist Yousra and the director of the El Gouna Film Festival, Inshal Al-Tamimi, after the latter’s statements, in which he expressed his dissatisfaction with her honor, especially that she is part of the festival’s higher committee.

It is noteworthy that the fifth edition of the festival kicks off from 14 to 22 October, and will witness the honoring of the artist Ahmed El-Sakka for his overall work, and awarding him the “Creative Achievement” award.


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