The disappearance of Mars and its conjunction with the sun.. Astronomical research warns of its danger


Many distinct astronomical phenomena occur, including the phenomenon of the disappearance of the planet Mars, where the inhabitants of the Earth will not be able to view the red planet due to its conjunction with the sun, and the National Institute for Astronomical Research revealed that this phenomenon began today, Friday, October 8, 2021.

As the red planet, whose secrets everyone is trying to explore, has become invisible due to its conjunction with the sun.Facebook Today’s statement.

She explained that the planet was visible throughout the past year, as a red dot in the sky, but it quickly became invisible, and the disappearance of Mars relative to the Earth, due to its conjunction with the sun, which blocked it from seeing today, and it will be at its farthest distance from the planet Earth.

It is also like that throughout the month of October 2021, and it will completely disappear from the sky, and because of this phenomenon, the red planet Mars will cut its cycle around the bright star, which takes 687 Earth days, and the average distance between the planet and the sun is about 228.0 million kilometers.

While its average orbital speed is 24.14 kilometers per second, the red planet is supposed to reappear in the Earth’s sky before the end of the current year 2021, and it will appear in the east before sunrise late next month, to start a new cycle next year 2022.

The Astronomical Society in Jeddah warned of the danger of trying to monitor Mars at the present time, by using binoculars or telescopes, due to its proximity to the sun, and this is dangerous because the sun may become in the field of view of these devices, which may cause damage to the eye.


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