The first comment from Magdy Al-Hawari on the rumors of his association with Angham .. in the video


Magdy Al-Hawari responded decisively to the rumors that affected him and the artist Angham during the last period about their association, which the latter was forced to respond to, so that the Egyptian director appeared after that and also clarified his position on this rumor.

Magdy El-Hawary’s first comment about a rumor of his association with the artist Angham

Magdy El-Hawary confirmed in his statements to the program “ The Insider In Arabic” on the strong relationship that he had with the artist Angham, after the rumors that spread about Al-Thanani’s connection, specifically after the artist Angham appeared in the play “Yama in the Jarab Ya Hawi” by Yahya Al-Fakharani, directed by Majdi Al-Hawari.

Magdi Al-Hawari explained that his friendship with the artist Angham extends for many years, and he considers her his sister. The Egyptian director said: “Angham considered her a sister and friend from many years and we are above the level of rumors and these conversations, because there is fellowship, friendship, brotherhood and many things that connect me with the artist Angham.”

Magdy El-Hawary refuses to repeat rumors about his association with Angham

Magdy Al-Hawari also explained that he is a fan of the Egyptian artist’s voice and one of her fans, and that his comment on the photos he posted on his account on “Instagram”, in which the artist Angham appeared, was intended as one of her fans and that everyone understands what he means, as some refused to circulate such a rumor, he said Majdi Al-Hawari: “I am a fan of the artist’s voice, Angham, and when I write I love Angham, this is a clear indication that I am one of her fans and lovers, and this is understandable and clear, and it is unacceptable for some to appear and repeat these rumors.”

Angham responds to the rumor of her association

Angham also responded during the last period to these rumors in a tweet she posted on her Twitter account, where she decisively denied these news, which she described as “false” and requested not to repeat such kind of incorrect news that she confirmed that she had encountered many of them during the last period. The Egyptian star wrote in her tweet: “Unfortunately, ridiculous sites for the millionth time are writing about me false and ridiculous news, as it is enough absurdity, oh ridiculous of you to him.. melodies.”

Angham spread the rumor of her association with Magdy El-Hawary, after she attended theatrical performances “Yama in the Grab Ya Hawi”, in which a large group of stars also participate, including the artist Mohamed El-Sharnoubi and Carmen Suleiman. In which the artist Angham is on stage and salutes the play’s team, led by the artist Yahya Al-Fakhrani.

It is noteworthy that the artist Magdi Al-Hawari announced his separation from the artist Ghada Adel in 2018, and the duo still maintains a strong friendship despite the separation.

Pictures taken from the account of the artist Angham and Magdy Al-Hawari on “Instagram”.


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