The first economic challenge for a major government .. the dollar at its highest level in 11 months


Recent days have witnessed a gradual rise in foreign exchange rates against the Iranian currency, and yesterday, Thursday, the price of the US dollar in the currency markets in Iran, which offers the exchange at the free rate, exceeded the level of 28,400 tomans per dollar, to constitute a real challenge to the government of Ibrahim Raisi, which took power and promised to revive the economy and fight corruption. .

The current US currency rate is the highest price of the dollar in Iran during the past 11 months.

Foreign exchange rates have begun to rise in the past two months since Ibrahim Raisi assumed the presidency of the executive authority, and uncertainty has increased about the fate of the negotiation process to revive the nuclear agreement and raise Tough sanctions against Tehran.

Meanwhile, in conjunction with the rise in foreign exchange rates, and inflation in the prices of various consumer goods, the Associated Press indicated on Thursday from Tehran that the purchasing power of Iranians in the field of foodstuffs has declined significantly.

In addition, the head of the country’s Light Livestock Syndicate confirmed previous reports published on the decrease in meat consumption in Iran by 50%, saying that the per capita consumption of meat in Iran decreased from 12 kilograms per year to 6 kilograms.

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