The full story of Nancy Ajram’s divorce .. “Post” for a Lebanese media, denied by her husband, Fadi Al-Hashem


The news about Nancy Ajram’s divorce from her husband, Fadi Al-Hashem, is still of interest to her fans and fans, especially since Nancy has been praising her husband on several occasions, describing him as “psychological peace” for her, saying: “Fada is psychological peace for me.”

The story began with the Lebanese media, Elie Bassil, raising doubts about the separation of the Lebanese starNancy Ajram from her husband, Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem, after publishing the duo’s photo with a comment: “Attacking and blaming without parting. A limit between us.. can be lost from parting.


Elie Bassil’s media post

In the same context, a Lebanese website denied this rumor on the lips of Nancy Ajram’s husband, Fadi Al-Hashem, who said in an audio clip: “Nancy is sure honest, and I am surprised from where this news came from. Look at the house until you see what the story is.”“. An audio site spread for Fadi Al-Hashem talking to one of Nancy’s fans, telling her: “I consider you the people of Nancy… and this rumor is absolutely not true.”

For her part, Nancy Ajram ignored these news, and her first publication was after these gossip, mourning the Lebanese artist Pierre Jamajian, who passed away on Thursday, and Nancy wrote, through her account on Instagram: “One of our laughs is gone … God is with you, Piaro, where will you be .. We will miss you“.

In continuation of the series of neglect, Nancy appeared in new photos through her account on Instagram, and appeared with a thin look, as she wore a short white dress with a black belt, and the photos won the admiration of dozens of her followers, flirting with her beauty and appearance.

Nancy Ajram

In a related context, Gigi Lamara, Nancy Ajram’s business manager, denied, on Thursday, the rumor of her divorce, and described those rumors as a conspiracy being hatched against Nancy and that it was malicious and tasteless.

The last work of the star Nancy Ajram, the song “Salamat”, which is the song that she filmed with a different idea, as she relied on filming it next to two representing the role of her friends inside a restaurant they escape from after they discovered that they all do not have money, and the song is from the words of the poet Shadi Nour, and composed byMohamed Yahya, arranged by Hadi Sharara.


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