The Grand Mufti of the Republic talks about the marriage of the shop 7 months ago: We base judgments on what appears


Manal Warraqi

Posted on: Thursday, October 7, 2021 – 4:13 pm | Last update: Thursday, October 7, 2021 – 6:22 PM

The story of an Egyptian citizen about the marriage of the “analyst” sparked a great controversy in Egypt, after the statements of the citizen, Muhammad Al-Mallah, through a television program, about his marriage 33 times as a “legal analyst”, in order to return the wives, who had divorced three times, to their husbands, describing it as He does this “as a charitable act for the sake of God without any compensation,” he said.

The talk of the Egyptian citizen has brought the issue of the “analyst” marriage, which has sparked great and repeated controversy during the recent period, to the fore, to the forefront of social media, and the questions about the rule of religion and Sharia in the method of marriage of analysis, especially after the state of controversy that accompanied a fatwa published by the Egyptian Fatwa House on its page. The official website of Facebook, in February 2021, made it to delete it, shortly after its publication.

The house said in the fatwa, which was titled “The Marriage of the Analyst”: “Marriage if it is a condition of analysis, then it is forbidden according to the agreement of the jurists,” adding: “But if it is only intended without a condition in the contract or with it, as if a person volunteers on his own and without a condition in the marriage contract. The marriage contract and he marries the divorced woman 3 times, to divorce her after that to return to her first husband, as it is permissible and the contract is valid.

However, in a later meeting, Dr. Shawki Allam, Mufti of the Republic and Head of the General Secretariat of Fatwa Authorities in the World, confirmed that the fatwa of the analyst’s marriage, which was published by Dar Al-Ifta on its official pages on social media, was misunderstood and misrepresented by some suspicious sites.

The Grand Mufti of the Republic, during his hosting of the “Nazra” program, on the Sada Al-Balad screen, denounced the transmission of the fatwa in the wrong way by some websites, accusing some of withdrawing the fatwa in a context other than its context to cause confusion.

Regarding the meaning of the deleted fatwa, Dr. Shawqi explained that when a man divorces his wife the third divorce, which is known as “a major irrevocable divorce”, the spouses cannot return to their marital life again and it is not permissible for her and it is not permissible for him, but, if a suitor comes Another man married her, consummated consummation of the marriage with her, then divorced her. She can return to her first husband if she wishes, after the expiry of her waiting period with a second marriage contract.

And the Mufti of the Republic continued, explaining that if the second husband, who divorced his wife, was asked about the reason for his marriage to her after their divorce and he answered that his intention was to analyze her marriage to the first, then in this case the matter is correct, continuing: “He did not utter or write, but he introspects, we do not build judgments On a mere intention, but we base judgments on what appears, whether by wording, writing, or pointing.

Dr. Shawky Allam continued, that the fatwa published on social media is not general, but “pertains to the silent man who did not disclose anything inside him.”

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