The “Gypsy” king destroys the American “bronze slingshot”… Wilder undergoes surgery (video)




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American Deontay Wilder will miss the boxing rings for 6 months for medical reasons, after his crushing defeat to Briton Tyson Fury by knockout, last Sunday morning, in Las Vegas.

And the British newspaper, “The Sun”, revealed that Wilder will undergo surgery, in order to treat his broken hand, after his defeat against Tyson Fury, by knockout, in the 11th round of the fight that brought them together for the title of world heavyweight champion, according to the World Boxing Council.

The newspaper added that the American boxer will undergo surgery, after returning to his home in Alabama, for a broken finger and joint, in one of the punches he addressed to the British boxer, in addition to treating the damage to his face.

The “Sun” indicated that the Nevada State Athletic Commission will not allow Deontay Wilder to engage in any fight, until the eighth of next April, provided that a medical permit is obtained from the doctor, who will supervise his health condition.

And the newspaper quoted Shelley Finker, Deontay Wilder’s business manager, on Wednesday, as saying: “He broke his right hand behind the third joint, and he has to undergo surgery, because the bone behind his joint is broken, and he feels severe pain, when he moves it.”

Shelley Finker concluded her speech: “These days, Deontay Wilder is in the process of recovering, and then if everything is fine, he goes to a hospital, in order to undergo surgery, and he is looking forward to returning to the confrontations again in the middle of next year.”

Deontay Wilder, 35, suffered his second defeat in a row against Tyson Fury for a draw, and it is his second in his professional career so far as well, with 42 wins and one draw.

On the other hand, Tyson Fury, 33, achieved his 31st victory in his professional career so far, with one draw, and no defeat.

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