The head of the Youth and Sports Committee reveals the violations of the Football Association: All files will be opened


Mahmoud Hussein, head of the Youth and Sports Committee in the House of Representatives, revealed the violations that exist within the Egyptian Football Association.

Hussein said in statements on the “On My Responsibility” program broadcast on the “Echo of the Country” channel: We do not know the secret of Ahmed Mujahid’s adherence to the chair, whether he or those behind him.

He continued, “There is manipulation by a person to determine who can run in the upcoming elections for the Football Association. There are more than 27 briefing requests submitted against the Football Association.”

He added, “Some reports were submitted to the Public Prosecution, and the Central Auditing Agency monitored very many violations and waste of public money.”

And he continued: “I don’t understand any reason to appoint Shawky Gharib while you are walking for a month, and confiscated the opinion of the upcoming union, why insist on the same people (Shawky Gharib, Motamad Jamal). With compliments and a waste of money in excess of 20 million pounds.”

And he continued: “Ahmed Mujahid, at the time of the presence of the five-member committee led by Al-Janaini, was daily in telephone conversations. He would demand elections and that it would not be appropriate for the Egyptian state that a committee from FIFA controls Egyptian football. A year has passed and we have not had elections.”

He concluded: “Tomorrow, Monday, we will open the documents in the presence of the Minister of Youth and Sports, the President of the Olympic Committee, Ahmed Mujahid, members of the Central Auditing Organization and the representatives who submitted requests for briefing.”


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