The historic wedding of the Egyptian Nael Nassar to the daughter of billionaire “Bill Gates”


After a five-year love story, the wedding of Egyptian-born Nael Nassar, -30, and Jennifer Gates, -25, the eldest daughter of billionaire Bill Gates, takes place today.

The British newspaper, the Daily Mail, published a report about the wedding, and Gates attended his private plane, the house of the daughter that her father gave her after her graduation from Stanford University in 2018, and the house is located 35 miles from Manhattan.

The wedding will take place on a sprawling 124-acre horse ranch in northern New York State, and security measures have been taken at the highest levels, as the wedding is expected to be attended by dignitaries in America, according to the channel. foxbusiness American.

Several security companies secured the ceremony by placing blocks of steel and bulletproof glass before the guests attended, according to the website insertlive

The cost of the wedding ceremony was approximately 2 million US dollars.

Equestrian sports have brought the newlyweds together, as Nael is an equestrian champion, and he previously participated in the last Tokyo Olympics.

Although Nayel Nassar was born in Chicago, USA, he grew up in Kuwait, where his parents run an architecture company, and in 2009 he returned to America and settled there.

Jennifer is also one of the best equestrians, despite her young age, as she has participated in the Longines World Championships and the World Equestrian Champions League, and has participated in several competitions throughout the United States and Europe

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