The “Lycia Trail” ends with seven Russian tourists in a Turkish prison




Forest fire in Turkey (file photo)

The Turkish authorities have detained seven tourists from Russia in the southern state of Antalya, on suspicion of inadvertently setting fire to a forest, the Russian Consulate General said.

The accident occurred on Saturday in the Tchilgardja region, when tourists were strolling along the “Lycia Trail”, one of the areas attractions.

A representative of the consulate said in a press statement that the court decided to keep the Russian citizens in detention for the period of investigation into the circumstances of the incident, adding that the consulate requested the local authorities to submit documents related to the case to them and grant them consular access to the detainees.

One of the detained tourists explained through “Instagram” the truth of what happened by saying: “When we were walking in the Lycia path, we saw a fire and tried to put it out, and we called 911, but local residents stopped us and called the police.”

Source: Russian media

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