The most important tips to take advantage of the current Xbox generation.. know it


The current Xbox generation consists of two different devices in power and performance, where the first device comes under the name Series X It is the most powerful, while the second device comes with the name Series SIt is considered a little weaker in terms of performance and equipment, but lower in price, according to a report by the Arab Gateway for Technical News.

The two devices are available in most official stores without problems, but sometimes they suffer Xbox Series X From problems with the lack of components and the lack of available devices.

Microsoft offers a lot of different features in its new devices and systems, but some of these features are hidden.

Tips to take advantage of the current generation of Xbox

The difference between the two devices of the current generation of Xbox is the power of the hardware, as it can Series X 4 . image outputK Better refresh rate.

It also owns a device Series X More storage space, 1 TB available with Blu-ray disc.

Device power stops Series S at a resolution of 1440p And a frame refresh rate of 120 frames per second for games, but in terms of movies, the device does not display more than 1080P.

You must subscribe to the services GamePass Featured from Microsoft, which provides you with a large library of games.

You can also subscribe to the service All Access Which provides you with a subscription to all the services of the platform at a low price.

And you can connect external hard disks, whether designed by Microsoft or from third-party companies, to the two devices.

The current Xbox cannot play new games via the external disk, as they must be stored in the device’s disk. However, devices can play future generations games through the . feature Backward Compatibility Via external hard drives.

The current generation of Microsoft devices does not support the use of KinectMicrosoft has stopped supporting it altogether. Therefore, you cannot play games that support this terminal on the current generation of Microsoft devices and you need an older generation of them.


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