The most prominent scenes of the opening ceremony of the El Gouna Festival and the statements of the stars on the red carpet


In the following report, we review the most interesting and sad scenes and situations that occurred at the opening ceremony of the El Gouna Film Festival in its fifth session, which kicked off yesterday amid the presence of Egyptian and Arab artists and foreign delegations who came to attend the festival’s activities and watch more than 83 films from around the world and of different nationalities, who came to compete within the committees Judging the festival and winning the El Gouna Golden Star, as well as the most prominent statements made by the stars during their hosting on the red carpet.

Saba Mubarak while attending the opening ceremony – photo from the festival’s account on Instagram

– Hana Shiha loses a lot of weight and wears a long dress in floral colors, accompanied by her sister Maya Shiha.
– Saba Mubarak: I came to watch the films Amira and a Feather, and I did not come to take pictures.
Menna Shalaby: Attending as a jury member is different from him as a film maker and actor.

Yasmine Sabry in a yellow dress – photo from the festival’s account on Instagram

– Essam El-Sakka: Mervat Amin returns to drama with the story “My Story with Time”.
Ahmed Rizk: I will co-star in a series with Mona Zaki next Ramadan.

Dora on the red carpet – photo from the festival’s Instagram account

– Reham Abdel Ghafour: I am participating outside Ramadan in the series “The Night of Eid” (10 episodes) and Room 407.
– Dora wears a “black and white” dress: I am waiting for the priest’s show in the winter and I am happy with a precious story from the series “Zay Al Qamar”.
– Aser Yassin presents the vocal performance of El Gounas achievements over 4 years and kisses his wife Kanzi on the red carpet.
– Ahmed Magdy: I ​​finished filming the fifth part of Miss Farah and I am waiting for Talaat Harb 2 show, produced by my own company and with the support of my father, Magdy Ahmed Ali.
– Ahmed Al-Sakka and Maha Al-Saghir: “Adriano” in Hammam in Amsterdam is a turning point, and the spider is shown in the middle of next year.. And Maha Al-Saghir reveals the most important characteristics of Al-Saqa: calm and a good-hearted person.
– Munther Rayhana: I am waiting for the presentation of “Noah” and embody the personality of the late poet Mahmoud Darwish in “Attendance to the Parade of Absence,” and any talented actor I would love to work with.
– Rogina: I am going into Ramadan drama with a very difficult character.. Ashraf Zaki: I am proud of El Gounas competition for Cannes Film Festival and cinema has a new taste.

– Maya Diab attends with a strange look and a giant hat.
– Dina El-Sherbiny injured her foot and took pictures with Maya Diab in a giant hat.
– Hend Sabry: I am waiting for “Searching for Ola” to be shown soon, and “Kira and the Jinn” is a difficult movie that includes a constellation of stars, and we filmed it in 3 years, and there are still scenes left of it.
– A delicate and young look for Tara Emad in red.

Tara Emad in a red dress – photo from the festival’s account on Instagram

A distinguished presence of Nadine Nassib Njeim in a golden dress: I like to embody various different roles, and 2020 and Zahra Salon have the lion’s share of media attention. There is a big difference between my character in Zahra Salon, as it is a comedian and discusses humanitarian issues, while 2020 is a Darwisha character and I do not like her. I came to El Gouna after 4 years of delay.
Akram Hosni: There is no duet with Ahmed Fahmy, and I am filming “Written on it” for the next Ramadan.
– Dalia El-Behairy: Happy to honor Ahmed El-Sakka.
– Mohamed Farraj, accompanied by Basant Shawky: I am an actor who presents any artwork, whether in drama, cinema or theater, and a good role attracts me, and the El Gouna Festival witnessed the official appearance with Basant.
– Yasmine Sabry wears yellow in a sudden presence without recording with the cameras on the red carpet.
– Hisham Majed: I am waiting for the show “The Title Holder” and I will finish “Handing Over My People” soon, and Game 3 is in the writing stage and we will start filming it next month.
– Ola Rushdi and Ahmed Daoud, the “white duo”, in a white dress and suit.

Samih Sawiris and Yousra on stage – photo from the festival’s account on Instagram

– A bold look by Najla Badr in a dress with one breast opening and the other closed with a transparent tie.
– Nardine Farag presents the opening ceremony of the El Gouna Festival after presenting the closing ceremony last year.
– Sakkas son is sitting next to his father and mother, Maha al-Saghir.
– Sherif Mounir in white 70’s shoes in black and a white suit, sitting next to the beautiful Mona Zaki and Nadine Nassib Njeim, and wiping the Sakka sweat during his honor.
Honoring Maha Al-Saghir’s father, “the hairdresser Mohammed Al-Saghir”.
– Presenter of the ceremony Nardine Farag forgets the microphone is open talking about the rise of Sayed Ragab, Samih Sawiris and Yousra on stage during the speech of the Governor of the Red Sea.
– Reham Hajjaj and Muhammad Halawa attend the ceremony, and the absence of Yasmine Abdel Aziz and Ahmed Al-Awadi.
– Mona Zaki attends an attractive dress.
– Yousra wears a thin, loose look in a long, sky-colored dress with open elbows.
– Sayed Rajab, with a vocal performance and presence on the stage, honors those whose souls have left the bodies and whose works have remained their expression for life, and honors: Ahlam Al-Gretali, Maher Selim, Izzat Al-Alayli, Hadi Al-Jayar, Youssef Shaaban, Waheed Hamed, Kawthar Haikal, Hatem Ali, Ramses Marzouk, and scriptwriter Mustafa Muharram, Mufida Al-Talawi, Samir Ghanem, Dalal Abdel Aziz, and Faisal Nada.
– Hend Sabry honors El-Sakka.

Hend Sabry honors Ahmed El Sakka – photo from the festival’s Instagram account

– Ahmed El-Sakka presents 6 honors to Onsi Sawiris, Naguib, Samih, Nassif Sawiris, and his father, Salah El-Sakka, and tells his sermon to him in the moments of parting in room 406 and advises him not to be arrogant to people, then dedicates his tribute to his wife Maha al-Saghir.
Al-Saqa’s mother, Nadia Al-Srouji, attended the honoring ceremony.
– Lebleba: Samir Ghanem “Wahhatni” and Najb Sawiris cries during a show honoring Samir Ghanem, the theater went out and the candles were lit for a minute.
– Muhammad Ramadan releases the clip, Joe Al Banat, on stage, at the end of the last performances of the opening ceremony.
– Bushra presents a bouquet of flowers to Muhammad Ramadan, and he replies: Peace is good. And Muhammad Ramadan accepts her on the cheek because of the end of the differences between them.

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