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The per capita share of water in Ethiopia is 7,500 cubic meters annually, while the Egyptian per capita share does not exceed 570 cubic meters annually. This very important information I heard on the afternoon of last Monday from Dr. Abdel Rahim Yahya, the assistant of Dr. Mohamed Abdel Atti, Minister of Irrigation, during the meeting that brought together the Minister and his senior assistants, with journalists and media professionals in the ministry’s restroom in Qanatir Al Khayriyah, at the initiative and organization of the Supreme Media Council.
One of the important information that Dr. Yahya said that no less than 7000 billion cubic meters of water fall on the Nile Basin countries annually, of which more than 900 billion meters fall on the Ethiopian plateau only.
Ethiopia has been lying to its citizens and to the whole world for many years, claiming that it does not benefit from the water, and that Egypt and Sudan are the ones who account for the largest share of the waters of the Blue Nile.
Successive Ethiopian governments lie and do not tell their people that livestock in their country consumes 84 billion cubic meters, which is equivalent to the total share of Egypt and Sudan combined, meaning that Ethiopia’s livestock consumes the same share of all citizens of the two countries, agriculture and industry.
There are 90 million acres in Ethiopia that are under rainfed cultivation, and Ethiopia also has 40 cubic meters of renewable groundwater at close depths.
During the meeting with the Minister of Irrigation and his senior aides, we saw many images and data, one of these images shows an aerial view captured by satellites, showing the map of Ethiopia, which has been covered in green for 94% of its total area, while this green color does not constitute more than 5% of the area of ​​Egypt, and the other 95% is yellow desert.
Ethiopia does not tell its people nor the world that it stores 55 billion meters of water in Lake Tana, 10 billion cubic meters in the Tkezi Dam, 5 billion in the Fanchar and Charchar dam, and 3 billion in the Tanaples project, and it dreams of storing 74 billion cubic meters behind the Renaissance Dam.
Ethiopia has 12 rivers originating from or passing through its lands, while Egypt has no rivers originating from them, only the Nile flows into them, which depends on its water for more than 95 percent of its total water resources, and its groundwater does not represent perhaps more than 3% Especially since most of its lands are desert or mountainous.
In contrast to the 936 billion cubic meters that fall on Ethiopia annually, only 84 billion cubic meters of it reach Egypt and Sudan, 55.5 billion cubic meters of it reaches Egypt, and the rest reaches Sudan.
According to what the assistants of the Minister of Irrigation said in the Qanater restroom, the total renewable water resources in Egypt do not exceed 60 billion cubic meters, which is our share of the Nile water, in addition to the small amounts of rain that fall on it, and this quantity rises to 80 billion cubic meters, after adding The “re-use” item, i.e. what is treated, whether from agricultural water or sewage, while Egypt’s water needs amount to 114 billion cubic metres, and therefore the water gap in Egypt is up to 34 billion cubic metres, and it can be translated in the image that Egypt If it had these quantities, that is, the 34 billion meters, it would not have had to import goods and merchandise that could have been grown or manufactured in Egypt, had these quantities been available.
According to the Minister of Irrigation, Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Aty, Egypt needs between now and 2037 an additional 7.6 billion to 10 billion cubic meters of water, and desalination of seawater and sewage treatment is one of these mechanisms to manage these quantities.
I thought that we as Egyptians; Government, media and civil society, to expose the Ethiopian government to its people, Africans, and the international community, and show them this important information and data, because its true translation is that they want to account for all the waters of the Nile and then let us die of thirst, which will never happen, God willing.

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