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The cinema experience is a very useful experience for me. Cinema is a science and an art of fine arts, an art that includes all arts, singing, music and composition… With these words, the artist Amr Diab expressed his love for cinema after presenting his fourth film, “Laughter, Play, Find and Love”.

The movie “Laughter, Play, Find and Love”, presented by Amr Diab in 1993, was his last movie, after which he did not present any work, despite his talk and the spread of many news about the works he was preparing to present.

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Despite the passage of many years, the audience is still waiting for Amr Diab to present a new movie, as he who celebrates his 60th birthday today, continues to give and present various works.

To celebrate his birthday, we remember Amr Diab’s stories with the cinema, his roles and the works he planned to implement and the secret of his departure from them:

The first step

Amr Diab appeared in the cinema for the first time through the movie “The Two Prisoners” in 1988, the movie was not starring in it with Ilham Shaheen, Samah Anwar and Youssef Shaaban, so the audience does not remember him much and does not consider him his first movie, his role was not great, but we can say that it was Using him to benefit from his success, Amr Diab achieved fame and success as a singer in addition to the film, but for him, the experience as a whole cannot be mentioned much in his film career.

The real start

The real start was with the movie “The Orcs”, starring Amr Diab and Madiha Kamel. It is his breakthrough. Diab appeared in the character of the famous singer who meets a street child who sympathizes with her, and their journey begins together.

About this film, Amr Diab said, “I do not forget the role and preference of director Hossam El Din Mostafa and his advice to be myself while standing in front of the camera.”

Amr Diab succeeded in the movie “The Orcs” in the test of standing in front of the camera and the audience’s acceptance of him, especially since the role is similar to reality, which led him to the next step, “Ice Cream in Glim” in 1992 and co-starred with Ashraf Abdel Baqi, Simon, Jihan Fadel and Hussein El Imam.

During this film, Diab appeared in the role of a young man trying to prove his talent for singing, going through many situations and imprisoning, then forming a band and singing in the streets and beach of Alexandria, and presented songs that achieved great success “Path of Namra Five” and “Ice Cream in Glim.


The film is an important step in Amr Diab’s career and a distinctive mark for him. The whole movie is now a state in which you remember the nineties, with all its scenes and songs.

And about the scenes of the film, director Khairy Bishara told about Amr Diab that the most important thing that distinguished this experience was that “The Plateau” was well aware that he was not from his audience, and that he chose him based on a referendum he conducted among young people, to present an artist loved by the audience and discuss with him important issues in this film. And that he was enthusiastic about him and listened to advice and instructions, saying: “He gave himself to me, and his soul was very beautiful, and he was really annoyed with me.”

The next step is the movie “Laughter, Play, Find and Love”, Amr Diab’s last work as an actor, presented in 1993, in which “The Plateau” decided to move away from the form in which he appeared before and the idea of ​​the young singer, and decided to appear as an actor through the character “Adham”, a boxer. A young man falls in love with a night girl, but his father stands in the way of this marriage.

Amr Diab also said in a previous interview that the secret of his acceptance of this experience is the opportunity to participate with the international star Omar Sharif, next to his girlfriend, the star Yousra.


Amr Diab tells about the experience that his experience in acting and standing in front of the camera increased, which later helped him in his video songs.

On the public level, however, “The Orcs” and “Ice Cream in Glim” were the best and most successful of Amr Diab, as the “Adham” episode was not favored by his fans.

After the movie “Laughter, Play, Find and Love”, Amr Diab was very enthusiastic about cinema, and he has more than one project, including a musical show project with the same team as “Ice Cream in Glim” and another movie with international director Youssef Chahine, but they did not come to light.

And the film that Amr Diab talked about with Youssef Chahine is “The Destiny,” as director Khaled Youssef explained in press statements. When Youssef Chahine nominated Amr Diab for the role that was later presented by Mohamed Mounir, Chahine was very excited about Amr Diab and admired him and thought about him in this role, But in the end, the two parties did not reach an agreement and a single vision.

And a good follower of Amr Diab will find him every year, and after the success of each album, he talks about cinematic works, not even a single work, but they do not see the light.

The intention is there, there is the movie “The Fame”, which was considered to be turned into a series, and then talk about the preference of presenting a movie.

The project was postponed more than once, including because of scriptwriter Tamer Habib, who was affected by the death of his mother and delayed writing the work, including because of Amr Diab, who loves to perfect his work and thinks a lot before taking any step, he must make sure of all the details.

Amr Diab wants to appear in a different way that adds to his artistic balance, so with every idea presented to him, he starts working on it, then gets busy on a new album, takes his time preparing songs and postpones his acting project.

When Amr Diab presented his first cinematic works, he was at the beginning of the road, the beginning of the experience, but now he is on the throne of stardom, so he has to scrutinize and think a lot before this step.

Amr Diab has real projects, it is not just words that are said, but these projects have not been implemented and the audience will continue to wait every year for the postponed projects to be implemented, and he may surprise his audience and, as he celebrates his 60th year, returns to the cinema after an absence.

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