“The poor man swelled until his heart exploded.” Shocking statements by Maradona’s lawyer


The former lawyer of football legend Diego Maradona said that the medical treatment provided to his client “was very bad and led to his death”, Monday, after his testimony in the investigation into the death of the Argentine star.

“The mistakes that were made were many because Diego died, the poor man swelled up and his heart exploded,” Matias Morla told reporters after testifying for more than three hours in the prosecutor’s office in San Isidro, in the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires, who is investigating the circumstances of Maradonas death.

The lawyer added that the medical treatment Maradona received “was very bad and led to his death.”

Maradona, who was suffering from kidney and liver problems, heart failure, nervous deterioration and addiction to alcohol and drugs, died of a heart attack on November 25, 2020 at the age of 60, two weeks after he underwent surgery for a hematoma in the head.

Maradona was recovering in a private residence under the supervision of a medical team of seven people whom the Public Prosecution had previously heard as part of the investigation into “involuntary manslaughter in aggravating circumstances” to determine whether the former soccer star was “left to his fate” by his treating team prior to his death. This resulted in an “inappropriate treatment” that contributed to his slow death.


Matthias Morla recounted his last visit to his client on 16 November, nine days before his death.

“When I entered the house, his voice was strange, mechanical, very sharp and intermittent, I told everyone Diegos condition. Then I realized that it was because of the amount of water retained in the body,” he said.

The lawyer described as “crazy” the family’s decision to continue Maradonas recovery outside the hospital.

“Maradona had no reason to go home when the doctors said he had to stay in the private clinic,” he said, believing that he had been “abandoned by his two daughters,” referring to his two eldest daughters Dalma and Janina.

“But one thing is moral responsibility and the other is legal responsibility,” he added.

Matias Morla and the two older daughters of the former Argentine star entered a legal battle over the use of the “Maradona brand”.

At the beginning of last September, the judiciary rejected the lawsuit brought by Dalma and Janina against Morla, who was authorized to market names, nicknames and pseudonyms referring to Maradona, whom he had given a power of attorney in 2015 in order to provide financial support to his sisters.

The civil judiciary was also resorted to regarding the sharing of the legacy of the former star of the Spanish clubs Barcelona and Napoli, Italy. In addition to Dalma (34) and Janina (32), Maradona has admitted three other children from different relationships: Diego Junior (34), Gana (25), and Diego Fernando (8).



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