The Russian ambassador to Cairo reveals the volume of Russian investments in Egypt


The Russian ambassador to Cairo reveals the volume of Russian investments in Egypt


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The Russian ambassador in Cairo, Georgy Borisenko, spoke in an interview about Russian-Egyptian relations, during which he revealed the volume of Russian investments in Egypt.

The ambassador said that Russia is cooperating with Egypt in many problems caused by the Corona crisis, noting that relations between the two countries increased during the era of President Sisi.

He added, yesterday, Thursday, within the “Without Ban” program broadcast on the “Echo of the Country” channel, that “Egypt was invited to participate in the World Economic Forum (Petersburg International Economic Forum), with a large Egyptian delegation, and Egypt will be one of the most important countries that we will wait for in this conference.” .

The Russian diplomat added that Egypt will be the largest nation awaiting this event, noting that Russian investments in Egypt have reached $7 billion.

On the major projects between Russia and Egypt, the Russian ambassador said: “We are now working on the project of the Russian zone that will be built inside the Suez Canal, and the special economic zones, and investors are still discussing the details of this matter, and they want to attract more Russian companies to Egypt, and many of them want to Working in Egypt to produce goods to meet the needs of the Egyptian and African market because Egypt is a member of many free trade zones.

The Russian ambassador pointed out that the relationship between Egypt and Russia is strong and deep, as the beginning was when Moscow supported Cairo during the challenges of the sixties regarding the Suez Canal and the October 1973 war.

He also referred to the increase in the number of flights from Russia to Egypt, and the Russian ambassador said that there are many flights that have already come to Sharm El Sheikh, and there will be other visits from various cities of Russia.

Source: Sada El Balad

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