The Russians invent the fastest device in the world to detect the toxins of food contamination


Specialists at the Russian Federal Ural University, in cooperation with other Russian scientists, have devised the world’s fastest way to detect nitrobenzol, which is considered a very dangerous poison that may contaminate honey and other foodstuffs.

According to the “RT” website, according to the researchers of the study published in the journal Food chemistry, the new method is characterized by unprecedented accuracy and superior analysis capacity.

It is reported that nitrobenzol is a very dangerous compound with a strong carcinogenic effect and is difficult to neutralize chemically. It is widely used in the chemical industry as a solvent.

Monitoring the content of this substance in foodstuffs and the environment, according to Russian scientists, is an important part of the environmental monitoring process.

Honey is one of the foodstuffs most susceptible to nitrobenzol contamination due to the use of insecticides used to protect bees and hives from ticks.

The scientists pointed out that the majority of methods for measuring the level of nitrobenzol in foodstuffs need to conduct long laboratory research. Therefore it cannot be used for rapid analysis outside the laboratory. The scientists explained that the invention of small-scale analytical devices is gaining great importance at the present time.


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