The scandal of a famous Egyptian actor .. He tried to rape 7 young women and these are the details!!


A scandal in the past hours has sparked the Egyptian street, affecting the Egyptian actorShadi Khalaf​, after he was referred to trial on charges of harassment, “indecent assault” and attempting to rape 7 girls inside an acting training workshop he owned.

In the details, several girls revealed their stories through their private pages on social media, and confirmed that they had been subjected to verbal and physical harassment from behind, while receiving an acting training course in a workshop he owned.
The Actors Syndicate has contacted Khalaf’s family to find out all the details related to the case.
On the other hand, Khalaf denied all the charges against him, accusing the girls of launching a campaign against him on social media.
It is worth noting that the Giza Criminal Court, a few years ago, punished Khalaf’s father with 3 years in prison and returned an amount of 62 million and 120 thousand pounds, and dismissed him from his job, in a case known to the media at the time to seize the funds of the Ministry of Interior.


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