“The series ruined my home.” The owner of the true story of the series “The Family of Hajj Metwally” tells details of his life


The late artist Nour Sharif in the series Hajj Metwally

The Egyptian citizen, Abdel-Mughith Hassan, the owner of the true story of the series “The Family of Hajj Metwally”, which was famous in the Arab world, revealed that the series “caused him many problems.”

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After winning an award at a festival,

During his interview with the “Egyptian Industry” program, Abdel-Mughith Hassan explained that “the first wife lasted with him for 8 years without polygamy, and after that he began to multiply and marry one after the other, up to four wives.”

He added: “The series “The Family of Hajj Metwally” was after my experience with polygamy, and it made problems for me and ruined my home,” noting that “the idea of ​​polygamy did not exist for him at all, and his wives did not initially agree to the idea of ​​polygamy.”

Abdel-Mughith Hassan pointed out that “he was able to convince his wives of polygamy, and that one of his friends told him that justice is achieved by consensual and overnight stay between his wives, and not by buying something similar between wives, etc., and that when he marries a new wife, he does not hide this matter.” about the rest of his wives,” stressing that “the person who performs polygamy must be financially able, in order to be able to provide a decent life for all his wives, because the needs of each wife are different from the other.”

And he added, “Thank God, the relationship between me and the rest of my wives is very good.”

The Family of Hajj Metwally is an Egyptian drama television series, shown during Ramadan in 2001 on 12 Arab stations, and the series discusses the problems of polygamy and the problems of the eastern man with the issue of polygamy, in a framework characterized by fun and seriousness, and during the series we note how the husband deals with the four wives who are considered They are fortunate in their married life, as all family members live in splendor and luxury all the time under the control of the husband and father, Hajj Metwally.

Source: “Al-Watan” + RT

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