The story of a dispute between Yahya Shaheen and Zubaida Tharwat’s father because of her voice.. I know the details


The beautiful actress Zubaida Tharwat was one of the stars of the beautiful time and an icon of beauty, romance and tenderness. Her eyes, as she was called the most beautiful eyes in cinema, was chosen by Hussein Helmy Al-Mohandes and Yahya Shaheen to star in the movie The Little Angel in 1957 and she was only 17 years old at the time, and before that she participated in a small scene in the movie Delilah.

Zubaida Tharwat’s father, Major General Ahmed Tharwat, did not leave her at the beginning of her career and accompanied her during filming.

Although the Egyptian cinema cat was known as an actress and was not known as a singer, a crisis occurred in the first championship of the beautiful artist between her father and the artist Yahya Shaheen, producer and hero of the movie The Little Angel, which was Zubaida Tharwat’s first starring, because of the beautiful artist’s voice.

The details of this crisis are due to the fact that the events of the film included a song that was supposed to be sung by the heroine of the film, which was produced by Yahya Shaheen and directed by Kamal Al-Sheikh. Zubaydah Tharwat, stressing that his daughter has a beautiful voice and can sing the movie’s song herself, but the artist Yahya Shaheen confirmed that the film’s arrangements have ended so that Zubaida Tharwat will represent, while another artist recorded the song. Zubaydah’s father and the discussion continued between the two parties.

Yahya Shaheen said to the father of the beautiful star: O Professor, I am implementing the terms of the contract, and the work stopped in the film until the mediators intervened to solve the crisis and bring the views closer to complete the filming, according to the agreement signed between the two parties.


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