The story of taking the first pictures of Earth from space


The first image of our planet from outside Earth arrived on October 24, 1946, and the inhabitants of Earth were able to see themselves from the outside, as the V-2 rocket took the first ever picture of Earth from space, and while these black and white pictures were, it was the most important picture ever. Because no one has seen Earth from space before.

According to the American “space” website, the V-2 missile was launched from the White Sands missile base in New Mexico, and carried a 35 mm motion picture camera that captures a new frame every second and a half.

planet earth
Planet Earth in the first picture

The missile flew at an altitude of about 65 miles before falling to the ground, but both the missile and the camera were destroyed after hitting the ground at a speed of about 340 miles per hour.

However the film survived this accident because it was protected inside a steel casing, the scientists had to venture out into the desert of New Mexico to retrieve the film, and when they first saw the images, the scientists were literally jumping for joy at this unprecedented.


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