The story of the movie Feathers.. the reason for the anger of the artists at the El Gouna Festival from it


The Egyptian movie Rich, sparked a state of great controversy and crisis within the national community after it was shown in El Gouna Festival Film 2021, and it was shown on Sunday, October 17 at the El Gouna Festival, and many artists withdrew from showing the film, including Sherif Mounir, Yousra and producer Tamer Habib.

Artists are angry with the movie Feathers because it conveys an offensive image of Egypt

Many artists justified their anger at the Feathers movie and asserted that it conveys an offensive image of the country and Egyptian society, in addition to the abundance of poverty scenes that came in its events, and they considered that it does not present the true image in Egypt.

Last Monday, a press conference was held for all the filmmakers, and was attended by the director of the work, Omar Al-Zuhairi, and the producer, Shaheen Al-Akkad. I knew what would happen next.”

The story of the film came about living with her husband and children in an unchanging life and routine days between the walls of the house, and he is the one who does not leave and does not know everything that is going on outside, and one day there are many sudden changes that exist around the transformation of her husband into a chicken.

And all the events are completed during the celebration of the birthday of the youngest son, and the magician overtakes and loses control and fails to bring back the husband who was working to manage every detail of this family’s life.


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