“The thug politician”…The Ministry of the Interior responds to the distress of the residents of Masaken Sher


03:15 PM

Friday, October 22, 2021

Books – Muhammad Al-Sawy:

Security forces at the Cairo Security Directorate arrested two people on accusations of bullying, in Masaken Sheraton.

The beginning was that some people in the Masaken Sheraton area in the Nozha Police Department in Cairo were harmed by some people, a “car serpent”, to force them to pay sums of money for parking their cars.

By conducting investigations and gathering information, it was found that two people, residing in Fayoum Governorate, were behind the perpetration of the incident.
After codifying the procedures, the security services of the Cairo Security Directorate were able to arrest them when they were in the department’s department with them in their possession (a sum of money), and when confronted with them, they confessed that they practiced the profession of a car caller – without a license, and collected sums of money from drivers illegally and engaging in bullying, and they added that the seized money Possession of the proceeds of their illegal activity.

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