The Times of Israel: The UAE government distances itself from the oil pipeline project with Israel


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Jon Gambrell

The UAE government has distanced itself from a joint economic project with Israel that will allow oil to be pumped from the Gulf to Europe directly through the Hebrew state.

The memorandum of understanding concluded after the signing of the peace agreement between Israel and the UAE last year sparked strong opposition from environmental organizations in the Jewish state, which warn that the project brings tangible environmental risks.

The memorandum of understanding between the Israeli “Europe-Asia Pipeline Company” (EAPC) and the joint Israeli-UAE company “MED-RED Land Bridge” provides for the extension of the oil pipeline linking the Red Sea city of Eilat with the city of Eilat. Ashkelon (Ashkelon) overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Israel, extending it to the Emirates.

Earlier this year, the Europe-Asia Pipeline Company warned that canceling the project would harm Israel’s foreign relations, in response to a petition by three “green” organizations to the Israeli Supreme Court seeking to invalidate the agreement.

However, a high-ranking official at the Emirati embassy in Israel told the newspaper “The Times of Israel” on Thursday that the government of Israel is not a party to the agreement and this memorandum of understanding has nothing to do with the relations between the two countries.

He said, “We made it clear to the government of Israel that this is not a government project, and there is very close communication at the highest level, and Israel is aware that this is not a project for the UAE government, but a private commercial deal.”

The official stressed that this agreement has nothing to do with the “Abraham agreements”, although the memorandum of understanding was concluded during the ceremonies to normalize relations between Israel and the UAE.

Source: “The Times of Israel”

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