The Tunisian Prisons Authority comments on information about Makhlouf’s health and threatens to prosecute rumor mongers


The Tunisian Prisons Authority comments on information about Makhlouf's health and threatens to prosecute rumor-mongers


The Tunisian Prisons Authority issued a statement, commenting on what is being circulated on social media about the deterioration of the health of the frozen deputy and imprisoned lawyer, Seif El-Din Makhlouf, and what he is being exposed to.

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The General Authority for Prisons and Reform denounced the “throwing of accusations haphazardly without evidence or the beginning of an argument with the aim of harming the reputation of the corps and degrading the morale of tires and agents,” and threatened that it would prosecute those who “spread rumors and false allegations.”

This came in response to information about the deteriorating health of Makhlouf, who is languishing in Mornaguia prison, circulated on social media, and held the president responsible, including what questioned the injection given to Makhlouf.

The authority said, “With regard to questioning the nature of the injection received by the person concerned, it is worth noting that on October 20, 847 prisoners received a dose of vaccine against the Corona virus, including the prisoner concerned, and this coincided with the visit of two members of the National Authority for the Prevention of Torture.”

With regard to the installation of a large public surveillance camera in the visits wing of Mornaguia prison, the commission clarified that “the use of visual surveillance methods is subject to a prior license from the National Authority for the Protection of Personal Data in accordance with the requirements of the Basic Law.”

She added, “With regard to the allegation that the aforementioned prisoner was subjected to harassment and harassment, the General Authority for Prisons and Reform categorically denies all of these allegations and confirms that the person concerned is residing in an ordinary prison room and has not submitted any such complaint.”

It is noteworthy that the Tunisian military judiciary arrested Makhlouf, head of the conservative “Dignity Coalition” party and an ally of the Ennahda movement, according to an arrest card on charges of “harming the dignity of the army.”

Makhlouf was issued a summons by the military judiciary since September 2, in the case of a quarrel with security personnel at the airport last March.

Makhlouf and two other deputies from his party are accused of insulting security forces at the airport when a woman was prevented from traveling.

The MP, whose membership has been suspended, is in Mornaguia prison pending a second case of “insulting the judiciary”, and a hearing has been set for his interrogation on September 30th.

Source: Tunisian media + RT


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