The victim of the snake in Abha thought a rat had bitten her.. her mother reveals something new


With great sadness and amid wide interaction on social media, the family of the Saudi girl saw Tamara Abdel Rahman Her little corpse yesterday, Thursday, after a snake bite caused her death.

Meanwhile, the mother of the victim, who died at the age of 6, revealed some details of the accident, noting that her daughter died after being bitten by a poisonous snake. She added that Tamara entered the bathroom in her house in her father’s house, and after a few seconds she screamed loudly, so the mother ran quickly and told her that a mouse had bitten her and ran away.

So the mother searched the place, but found nothing in the bathroom, then inspected the place of pain and found a scratch, and traces of a bite in another place close to the scratch.

I suddenly relapsed

In addition, she continued,She immediately transferred her daughter to Abha General Hospital, to confirm the medical reports, that she was bitten by a snake.

She also indicated that the girl remained there in a stable condition until the early morning hours of last Wednesday, but she suddenly relapsed, and her health began to deteriorate and then her heart stopped, until she died yesterday, Thursday. She explained that her daughter did not suffer from any symptoms or complications, from leaving the house until arriving at the hospital, even her symptoms were normal.

The grave of the little girl Tamara after her burial

The grave of the little girl Tamara after her burial

Toxicology Lab

In addition, she stressed that the hospital provided everything possible for cardiac resuscitation, and the medical team took samples to conduct the necessary analyzes, to find out the cause and what type of poison was, in the toxicology laboratory, until the results showed that it was cobra poison.

For his part, Muhammad Zuhair, one of Tamaras relatives, said in a statement to Al that grieving family On the death of her daughter, she received condolences from Prince Turki bin Talal, Governor of the Asir region, who visited their home to offer condolences.

It is noteworthy that Prince Turki bin Talal offered condolences to the stricken family, while interacting with the family’s grief, the pioneers of social networking sites, after the details of the tragic incident spread.

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