“The virgin wife tried to commit suicide”… Solving the mystery of the Dakahlia bride incident


The results of the investigations carried out by the Dakahlia Investigations resulted in solving the mystery of finding the body of a bride only three days after her marriage. After she woke up from her coma, the bride made confessions stating that she had attempted suicide because she felt severe depression.

The Dakahlia Investigations had found a bride with a tortic wound to the neck and several stab wounds to the chest, abdomen and left hand inside her house, only 3 days after her marriage. The wife made detailed confessions, and confirmed that she tried to end her life to get rid of her marriage and that from the first moment she refused to complete her marriage after entering the marital apartment.

A team from the Public Prosecution Office moved to the hospital to hear the wife’s statements in detail after she returned from a coma. The wife said that on the day of the incident she felt very depressed and decided to end her life after she lived 3 days in hell, she said, stressing that the husband did not approach her and that she was feeling suffocated whenever he approached her. .

She added: “My husband brought a sheikh to see what was wrong with me, who confirmed that Ali Jinn prevented me from completing the marriage. On the morning of the incident, my husband went again to bring the same sheikh, so I decided to end my life to get rid of the misery I live in.”

The forensic report revealed that the bride is still a virgin, and that the direction of the wounds and the neck wound are consistent with her statements.

Major General Sayed Sultan, Director of Dakahlia Security, had received a notification from Major General Ihab Attia, Director of Dakahlia Investigations, of a report to Brigadier General Mohamed Jado, the commissioner of the Jamaliya Police Station, with a report from the husband stating that his wife had been found in their apartment with separate stab wounds to the body. She was transferred to Al-Gamaliya Central Hospital in a serious condition.

Detectives officers moved to the location of the report and it was found that the wife had several stab wounds exceeding 20 separate stab wounds in the abdomen, hand and chest, in addition to the slain wounded in the neck, and she was transferred to the emergency hospital in Mansoura for urgent surgery.

The husband and the sheikh accompanying him were seized, as were the surveillance cameras in the vicinity of the couple’s house, and a report was issued on the incident and referred to the Public Prosecution for investigation, and they were subsequently released.

In his statements, the husband confirmed that his wife was suffering from hearing voices and feeling that she was tied up and could not approach her as she was screaming, and confirmed that she saw ghosts in the house, and that her family asked him to bring a sheikh to examine her, who confirmed that “she has a demon and has a job.”

The husband confirmed that his wife’s psychological condition had become bad and she was crying constantly, and on the day of the incident she was in a state of crying and screaming, so he went out of the house to bring the sheikh again, and returned with him after a while, but when he entered the house, he was surprised by her lying on the ground and covered in blood between life and death, and he collapsed. She was taken to the hospital to save her from death.

A team from the Public Prosecution Office moved to the marital home, where the wife was found, and two knives were found with the wife’s blood on them. It was also found that there was salt spray everywhere. The surveillance cameras were fully reviewed and the entrances and exits of the house were examined, and it was found that some windows were open.

The prosecution, forensic evidence and detective officers completely unloaded the surveillance cameras around the house. The wife’s sister confirmed that she called her while the husband was outside the house and shortly before the accident, and she confirmed that her psychological condition was bad and that she was suffering from severe depression, and she saw ghosts moving in the house, and that her husband left the house to bring a sheikh to treat her.


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