The Zamalek Club Association: The abolition of the Shikabala penalty is within the jurisdiction of the Jabalia


Zamalek club officials inquired from the Association of Clubs about the position of Mahmoud Abdel Razek Shikabala, the team’s player, after the decision of the Settlement and Arbitration Committee to cancel the decision to suspend him, which was issued by the Football Association for a period of 8 months before the penalty was reduced to 8 matches, against the background of what happened during Zamalek’s celebration of the General League Championship. .

Officials of the Club Association confirmed to their counterparts in Zamalek that implementing the decision and discussing the player’s participation in his team’s first match in the General League against Enppi is in the hands of the Football Association, especially since the decision was issued before the formation of the Club Association and therefore the Association has no right to interfere in the matter from near or far, demanding the Zamalek administration to go For the Football Association to discuss the possibility of the player’s participation or not.

Officials of the Egyptian Olympic Committee revealed that the decision of the Settlement and Arbitration Committee to lift the suspension of Mahmoud Abdel Razek Shikabala, captain of the Zamalek team, is binding on the Football Association and the officials in Gabalia must implement the decision, stressing that according to the new sports law in accordance with Article 66 to Article 72 regarding the formation of the Arbitration and Settlement Center And that it is related to sports disputes and its decisions are binding on all sports bodies in accordance with the law, adding that the FIFA is not the owner of the right to interfere or amend the punishment of Shikabala as reported by officials of the Gabaliya, stressing that the decisions of the arbitration center are subject to Egyptian law and the Football Association must implement Decisions issued by the center.


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