“They worked happily in two days” .. Details of the wedding of the Egyptian Nael Nassar and


11:57 AM

Sunday 17 October 2021

Books – Sayed Metwally

In the presence of nearly 300 people, Egyptian-born Nael Nassar celebrated his wedding with Jennifer Gates, the daughter of billionaire Bill Gates, inside the 124-acre horse farm in the latter’s home.

Nael Nassar’s wedding

The second wedding took place in the United States of America, specifically in Westchester, New York, at dawn today, Sunday, Cairo time, as the couple married during a secret Islamic religious ceremony on Friday night, before they had a second civil wedding, according to the British newspaper DailyMail.

Islamic themed wedding

The private Islamic party was held on Friday evening in the family property garden in North Salem, New York, followed by a much larger civil party with 300 guests on Saturday afternoon, New York time.

bridal dress jennifer gates

Jennifer wore an elegant white dress, of jujuer, and chiffon, characterized by a front slit, with transparent sleeves, and a long veil, designed by Vera Wang.

The bride came out surrounded by the bridesmaids who wore green dresses, all smiling and laughing as they posed for pictures.

flower bouquet

Jennifer was shown holding a bouquet of white roses, the veil was raised over her face, her reddish brown hair was half up and half down, and she wore a pair of earrings to accentuate her dress.

Marriage Announcement

The audience gave off a big cheer after 5pm, as the couple was finally announced as husband and wife, and after the ceremony, the couple took some private wedding photos.

guest list

The guest list consisted mostly of friends and family, with a few celebrities and politicians invited, and Georgina Bloomberg, daughter of billionaire Michael Bloomberg, was invited.

Islamic party dinner

The Friday Night Party Dinner – which was a special Islamic wedding feast – was given by Jean Georges and included pasta.

The cost of Nael Nassar’s wedding

The extravagant two-day event, costing an estimated $2 million, was organized by famous wedding planner Marcy Bloom.

4 year old love story

Jennifer and Nael’s relationship began in January 2017, and the duo share many hobbies, the most important of which is the love of horses and equestrian racing, before they decided to marry.


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