This is what is missing from the El Gouna Festival and the secret of the opening film


The Egyptian businessman, Samih Sawiris, revealed the reason for not showing a movie at the opening of the El Gouna Film Festival, which was launched a few days ago, and also talked about what the festival is missing from his point of view.

He said in an interview with “Al” that the El Gouna Festival management does not have a ceiling for ambitions, and it cannot stop following everything new to add and support the festival, adding that the festival management works every year to develop and improve it and add a qualitative imprint to it.

Regarding what the festival is missing from his point of view, Sawiris said that the festival management has taken a decision not to contribute financially to hosting major international Hollywood stars. International stars.

On the reason for not showing a film at the opening of this year’s festival, Samih Sawiris said: The administration tried to avoid what was happening in previous sessions after the opening film, as the guests and followers were leaving immediately after the film due to fatigue and exhaustion from the length of the procedures of the first day, stressing that for this reason We took care to show the opening film, which is the most important film, at another time so that the participants can follow it and prevent wasting its value.

Samih Sawiris and Yousra during the opening ceremony

Samih Sawiris and Yousra during the opening ceremony

Sawiris revealed the secret of the great participation of Arab films in this session, and said that this was intentional and deliberate and comes in response to a criticism of the festival management that there was no Egyptian film in the festival during the first and second sessions, and therefore we decided that this year’s festival should include Egyptian films.

And about the secret of his decision to be the first Egyptian investor to order dealing with digital currencies such as Bitcoin in his resort in Switzerland, and whether he was convinced that it was the currency of the future or for commercial reasons, Sawiris said indeed, we were the first to call for dealing with digital currencies for commercial reasons. He explained that as long as there are people who have bitcoins and can deal with them, they should be attracted.

And the speed of processing and containment The repercussions and effects of the fire in the main hall of the festival ceremony A day before his launch, Sawiris said: I must pay tribute to the men and workers of Orascom who rushed and in record time to contain the accident, as about 1,700 workers and engineers participated in dealing with the effects of the fire and did so with love and proof of the Egyptians’ ability to challenge, adding that what they did is an achievement and at a time A miraculous standard, enough to respond to those who doubt the Egyptians’ construction of the pyramids.

The fifth edition of the El Gouna Film Festival was held It started last Thursday night With the participation of many art stars and film makers in Egypt, the Arab world and the world.

The festival will witness the participation of 37 feature films, 15 documentaries and 23 short films, in addition to six films within the special screening program.


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