Those who have received the Johnson vaccine have higher levels of antibodies in this case


A new report indicated that people who received the Corona vaccine from Johnson & Johnson They have higher levels of antibodies, if they get a booster shot from a company Pfizer or Moderna


The National Institutes of Health collected (NIH) Data show that mixing and matching different vaccines with corona provides more protection than getting two doses, according to a report by the British “Daily Mail” website..

National Institutes of Health officials plan to present the findings during the US Food and Drug Administration’s Corona Vaccine Advisory Committee meeting (FDA) , This comes at a time when the company requested J&J The Food and Drug Administration has approved a dose of its single-dose vaccine as a booster.

Neutralizing antibodies is only a type of immune response, which prevents the virus from entering cells and reproducing, and it is unclear how long the response will last, the report said..

As of Wednesday, about 15.2 million Americans have received a vaccine J & J Which is given as a single dose, and last month, the company published the results of a study looking at an additional second dose of its vaccine.

The report notes, that a phase III trial will include a two-dose trial of up to 30,000 participants looking at the efficacy of a second dose given 56 days after the first dose in adults 18 years of age or older..

The results showed that a booster dose was 94% effective against symptoms of Corona In the United States and 100% effective against serious diseases at least 14 days after vaccination.

company said J&J that a booster dose 2 months after the first dose increased antibody levels between 4-fold and 6-fold, when given 6 months after the first dose, antibody levels increased nine-fold after one week and 12-fold after four weeks.

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