To keep your child healthy from diseases.. stay away from these foods in the lunchbox


Your child’s health is what matters the most to you and for him, you strive to do a lot to maintain the safety of his body, which starts with his food, as it is one of the main factors that control the strengthening of his immune system and the rest of his body organs, in order to prevent diseases and infections, so choosing the foods that your child eats It makes a difference in its safety in the long run, and serves as a protective shield that protects it from many chronic diseases.

A report published on the Healthline website warned of some foods that you may choose for your child in lunch boxes to enjoy during his school day, hoping to satisfy him, but these foods pose a threat to his health and expose him to many diseases, such as:

Fried foods:

Young children are happy with fried foods, which despite their delicious taste, carry many risks because they contain harmful fats that increase blood cholesterol levels and thus cause your child to be obese, affecting various organs and exposing him to diabetes at a young age, and experts recommended replacing these foods with other boiled ones. or steamed.

fruit juices

Mothers think that drinking bottled juices gives the child many benefits, but this is wrong because they contain large amounts of sugar, which leads to tooth decay, diabetes and obesity, so replace juices with fresh fruit pieces.

Breakfast Cereal

Children like to eat breakfast cereal dishes with milk, but it is one of the foods that are harmful to the health of your child’s teeth, so it must be replaced with oats.

Chocolate, children and adults love chocolate, for its distinctive taste, but including it for your child daily is harmful to his health, because it contains large amounts of sugar.

Potato Chips

It is one of the processed foods that contain large amounts of salt and calories, so it must be replaced with sweet potato slices or popcorn.


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