Today’s activities… The launch of the El Gouna Film Festival and a concert for the Modern Dance Troupe


Today, Thursday, October 14, 2021, a number of cultural and artistic events will be held in a number of creative bodies and centers, including:

The activities of the El Gouna Film Festival will start in its fifth session, and will continue until Friday, October 22, and a large number of celebrities and art stars have been invited, led by the artist Yousra, who is attending as a member of the El Gouna Festival’s advisory committee..

The Hanager Cinema in the Opera Square, which is affiliated with the Cultural Development Fund sector, will host, at seven in the evening, the Indian Cinema Club, in cooperation with the Embassy of India in Cairo and the Maulana Azad Cultural Center.“Baggio-2It revolves around Ronnie (Tigershrov) and (Deshapattani), who fall in love during college, but their love story ends in separation, so she marries another “Disha” and gives birth to a child..

The Modern Theatrical Dance Troupe will present an Ahmose show, designed and directed by Mahmoud Mostafa, at exactly eight oclock in the evening, at the Egyptian Opera House.

The Cinema Club, which is organized by the Cinema Palace of the General Authority for Cultural Palaces, will hold its screenings at Kafr Shukr Palace, Qalyubia Governorate, by showing the movie “Mama is pregnant.”

The International Book Center of the Egyptian General Book Authority, headed by Haitham Al-Hajj Ali, will also host a symposium to discuss the book “The Fall of the Phantom” from the memoirs of Major General Pilot Fikri El-Gendy about the heroism and secrets of Egyptian aviation on the Golan front in October 1973, prepared by Salah El-Baili, at five in the evening.


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