Torture and syringes.. Details of drug seizures and 20 addicts inside a villa in Balqa


12:14 PM

Saturday 09 October 2021

Books – Ahmed Gomaa:

The General Administration of Pharmacy at the Health Affairs Directorate in Cairo announced the seizure of 1,100 narcotic tablets in a basement and three-storey villa with more than 20 addicts detained without the presence of doctors who are given injections and medicines and examined without any medical supervision.

The Cairo Directorate stated, in a statement today, that the villa is being used as an addiction treatment clinic, and cases of torture and ill-treatment of patients and unhealthy living conditions in terms of hygiene and care were monitored.

This came based on the complaints of the residents of the area and the properties adjacent to the General Administration of Pharmacy in Cairo, about hearing disturbing and suspicious noises from the basement of a villa, with the follow-up of Dr. Supply and internal trade.

Dr. Ola Khattab, Director of the General Administration of Pharmacy in Cairo, said that the owner and director of the clinic is a 24-year-old student recovering from addiction, and judicial rulings have been issued against him in drug cases.

She added that the seizures included used syringes lying on the floor of the villa and next to it, syringes filled with unknown chemical composition, and a large number of tablets of different shapes, colors and sizes of unknown composition and no data recorded on them.

She explained that exaggerated sums of money are collected from the families of addicts in exchange for their disappearance and imprisonment.

For his part, Dr. Karim Salam, Undersecretary of the Directorate of Health Affairs in Cairo, said that the General Administration of Pharmacy is working to control the drug market and not to trade in smuggled drugs inside the Egyptian market.

Dr. Mohamed Shawky, head of the health sector in Cairo, said that the directorate seeks to follow up on all pharmacies, in order to ensure that they abide by the instructions and preserve medicine in the market and that no one manipulates citizens.

The head of the sector stated that this is a continuation of the implementation of the directives of Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, to control the drug market and prevent the trading of Corona drugs on the black market.

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