Two economists explain how Liverpool will be affected “commercially” if Mohamed Salah leaves


And Andrea Sartori, an economist at the Dutch company KPMG, one of the largest accounting firms in the world, believes that the departure of Mohamed Salah from Liverpool could affect commercially through his numbers in the last four seasons.

The future of Mohamed Salah with Liverpool is one of the most important topics for discussion in the English and international press, with the contract of the Egyptian pharaoh approaching its completion in June 2023.

According to the British newspaper “Mirror”, Mohamed Salah demands a large weekly salary of up to 500,000 pounds to be the highest paid in the English Premier LeagueAlthough the Independent newspaper denied these reports and reported that the player only wanted to raise his salary from £200,000 to an amount between £300,000 and 380,000.

Sartori explained his view in statements to the British “Liverpool Echo” network, and said: “Mohamed Salah is a world-class player, but in football there are probably only four players who are sure to make a commercial impact on their clubs and they are Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe. “.

Mohamed Salah

He added: “Indirectly, the departure Mohamed Salah It could hurt the club, if performance deteriorates in matches as a result of his departure, the player was Liverpool’s top scorer in the four years he played at Anfield, although certainly, the club will consider signing a strong alternative in the coming years.”

He continued: “Mohamed Salah’s commercial impact could be on the Liverpool club, due to the increase in the percentage of his followers and the value of his brand from the value of commercial deals to potential sponsors, which helps the club to take advantage of foreign markets from England, as happens in the Liverpool club agreement with Vodafone Egypt.” .

He continued, “Mohamed Salah’s presence on the field is important for Liverpool, because in his first season he guaranteed them to be in the Champions League final, and in his second season he succeeded in helping the team win the title, in addition to winning the Premier League and Liverpool’s popularity increased in all countries.” around the world”.

He continued: “Mohamed Salah has 73 million followers across 6 social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, and Weibo), which is definitely less than Cristiano Ronaldos 596 million, Lionel Messi 376 million, Neymar 311 million, but despite his distance from them he is still one of the most famous players in terms of the number of followers in the world (15th place), because his brilliance is one of the best league in the world, the English Premier League, as well as being the most followed African player in the world, which confirms that the brown continent is wrapped around it.”

Ronaldo Whiskey won

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The British network reached out to the author of the book “Done Deal”, Daniel Gee, and he said: “When a sponsor considers collaborating with a football club, he is looking for the reputation and distinguished players that the club owns to increase their shares in different markets than they offer their products in.”

He continued: “In the case of Mohamed Salah, let’s assume that the brand or the sponsor wants to open new markets in the Middle East and Africa, for the club, having a player who has great popularity will increase their spread there because it is a great value for the partnership with Leferball“.


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