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Al-Ahly club has officially ended determining the fate of South African Betso Mosimane, coach of Al-Ahly club, after the features of his official session with Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of Al-Ahly club, became clear.

The session took place between the two parties before the Al-Ahly club’s mission to Niger to play a gendarmerie match in the first leg of the 32nd round of the African Champions League.

And the Al-Ahly club news site learned Ahly News Al-Ahly club decided to determine a new fate for the coach in the event of losing any championship or losing any points in the team’s official participation in the general league championship.

The source added that Al-Ahly club canceled the idea of ​​bringing in a new foreign technical director during the current period, but it has prepared the distinguished resumes of a large number of foreign coaches from the Portuguese and German schools.

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The source explained that Al-Ahly set the final criterion for Musimani’s departure by losing any new championship, or losing and wasting points in the general league, especially if the reason was technical in the first place.

Mosimane bid farewell to his wife, who flew to her hometown in order to return to South Africa, saying: “Thank you very much for being fair between all parties, and all parties are happy now. what”.

And the South African coach wants to accept the new challenge after reaching a formula of understanding with the team’s board of directors due to the renewal for an additional period to come.

There was a tension between Musimani and the Contracting Department because of his desire to increase the value of his monthly salary by $30,000, in addition to signing a two-season contract and putting $900,000 in the penalty clause, if Al-Ahly terminated the contract at any time.

Mosimane seeks to reach the championships again, after feeling that he will be ousted after losing the general league and the local super, respectively.

Al-Ahly club suffers from the lack of offensive ball it had last season, in the past matches, especially the Enppi match in the round of 16 of the Egypt Cup.

Mosimane is scheduled to settle on the list of new players that he will rely on mainly with the team, amid a distinguished appearance of new deals, led by South African Louis Mikcioni.

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