Urgent alerts from the local development of the governorates in anticipation of bad weather.. Get to know them


The Ministry of Local Development issued a number of urgent instructions to the governorates, coinciding with the instability of weather conditions, and the Meteorological Authority’s expectations of the possibility of a fall. rain Light over separate areas, and wind activity sometimes on areas of Greater Cairo and the northeastern coasts at intermittent periods.

The following are the most prominent directives of the Ministry of Local Development for the governorates: –

1. Emphasis on the readiness of protection work for the dangers of heavy rains with regard to floods, dams and canals, and preparing the required equipment and machinery.

2. Reviewing all the plans that have been developed during the last period between the governorates, representatives of the ministries and the concerned authorities to deal with heavy rains and torrential rains.

3. Coordination with the Forecasting Center to forecast potential risks and review scenarios for facing risks with regard to heavy rains and torrential rains.

4. Forming traffic committees around the clock to ensure the readiness of protection work.

5. Standing up to any obstacles and quickly avoiding them.

6. Disinfecting the notifications and shnaish at the governorates level and at the sewage stations.

Today, Thursday, the Meteorological Authority expects that the autumn weather will continue in all parts, as hot weather prevails over Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt and the western coasts, hot on the eastern coasts, hot on southern Sinai and northern Upper Egypt, and very hot in the south of the country.

And the Meteorological Authority stated that today, Thursday, there are chances of light rain on separate areas of the northern coasts and the northern delta at intermittent periods, and wind activity at times in areas of Greater Cairo and the northeastern coasts at intermittent periods.

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