Urgent statement from the representatives to the “government and the Minister of Health” after dumping quantities of the Corona vaccine in one of the canals in Minya


In the first reaction and parliamentary action, Representative Ahmed Heta, a member of the House of Representatives in Minya Governorate, made an urgent statement addressed to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health regarding the finding of large quantities of the Corona vaccine dumped in one of the canals in Minya, calling for the causes and circumstances of what happened to be revealed.

Heta said in press statements that after finding quantities of the “Corona vaccine” inside a canal in Minya, I submitted an urgent statement directed to the Prime Minister and Minister of Health to hold health officials in the Minya Health Directorate and all those responsible for this crime that targets the lives and money of the people and the health of their children accountable.

He demanded an immediate investigation, the application of the law, and the accountability of all those responsible, because at a time when Egypt seeks to provide vaccines against a virus to preserve the lives of Egyptians and pays huge sums, we find this neglect by throwing quantities of the vaccine into the canals, which represents a full-fledged crime, as it wasted the opportunity to preserve the lives of Egyptians who deserve this vaccine, in addition. To the money, especially in light of waiting situations, which means that whoever carried out this act targets the security and health of the people and targets Egypt and its national security.

He added that what happened is a crime, neglect and waste of public money, whose political responsibility falls on the government and the Minister of Health.

The Minya deputy demanded that the Minister of Health be summoned to the House of Representatives to explain the reasons and circumstances of what happened and to hold the officials accountable, stressing that it is a matter that cannot be tolerated and that an immediate investigation is required. He wondered how the vaccine arrived and could it be subject to theft and neglect, and that the system announced by the ministry and how not to protect a vaccine of this importance, countries are racing to obtain it and all mankind is striving to preserve it in light of suffering from the Corona virus, especially with the beginning of the fourth wave.


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