Urgent| The decoration fell on the artist, Mohsen Mansour, and he was taken to the hospital


In the early hours of Monday morning, the artist Mohsen Mansour was exposed to an accident while filming a drama, as a result of a piece of decoration falling on his foot, in addition to the injury of the director of the work.

And Mohsen Mansour, through his personal page on the social networking site “Facebook”, published pictures while he was doing some x-rays on the foot area to ensure his safety.

Mohsen Mansour commented on the pictures, saying: “Praise be to God, God forbid, and what He wills, he did everything better than God during filming today, and the piece of decoration fell on my leg, and also the director of the work was injured. Your prayers for us to heal. The pain is terrible, Lord, heal every patient.”

Last Ramadan, Mohsen Mansour participated with the artist Hamada Hilal in the series “Al-Maddah”, and he said that the idea of ​​any series is an idea on paper until there is an enthusiastic production to work on this idea and implement it, stressing that he has been working since 22 and that the success of the Al-Maddah series “was in need of bold people.”


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