Urgent.. these services are free from banks


Within the framework of the celebration of the activities of the World Financial Inclusion Week and the World Savings Day under the auspices of the Central Bank of Egypt, banks operating in the local market offer a number of their services free of charge and without expenses until the end of this month.

Starting next Sunday, the citizen has the right to open savings accounts, current accounts, payment and transfer services, insurance, financing and credit, with many benefits and free offers that serve customers, until Sunday after next.

Egypt Bank

For its part, Banque Misr opened accounts for new customers without fees, and without a minimum for opening accounts with the issuance of a free instant debit Meeza card. For customers under 16 years old, the fees for issuing a prepaid card (TEENS) within the youth program are exempted, and for customers of age 16 to 21 years old, accounts are opened for free without the need for guardian approval.

Cairo Bank

Banque du Caire provides several free services, including opening accounts for new customers without fees, and without a minimum amount to open accounts, in addition to issuing a free instant debit feature card for customers, and free subscription to the “Cairo Cash” wallet.

Export Development Bank Services

As for the Export Development Bank, it provides the service of issuing a “prepaid feature” card for free, and granting new customers the electronic pocket wallet for its customers, with the ability to open a savings account without expenses and without a minimum, in addition to providing a free issuance of the national direct debit card.

Commercial International Bank

Commercial International Bank also allows opening an Easy savings account

Its features:

No minimum account opening balance.

Without account opening fees.

No minimum account retention.

Issuance of a direct debit card to enjoy banking services through digital platforms with an annual return of 5.25%.

Interest is paid monthly on the lowest balance in the account during the month.


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