Veterinarian from camel beauty clinic to prison


The Saudi security authorities have arrested an expatriate who performs cosmetic surgeries for camels, after monitoring him and following up his movements, in cooperation with the Camel Club and in accordance with the security follow-up of violations and the arrest of the perpetrators.

In the details, the media spokesman for the Eastern Region Police, Lt. Col. Muhammad Al-Shehri, stated that the inference procedures in the Al-Ahsa Governorate Police, in coordination with the Riyadh region police, resulted in identifying the identity of an Egyptian visitor in the fourth decade of life, who performed cosmetic operations for camels that would modify their moral specifications. For the purpose of increasing its value upon sale.

Al-Shehri confirmed the arrest of the expatriate in his possession of some tools and preparations that are used in such operations, and initial legal measures have been taken against him and referred to the competent authority.

In the same context, the Camel Club issued a statement today (Friday) regarding the arrest of an Egyptian expatriate in the Eastern Province, for allegedly performing cosmetic surgeries for camels that would modify their congenital characteristics in order to increase their value when selling. The club clarified in its statement that the expatriate works as a veterinarian, and came from one of the Gulf countries, and that what he did of tampering with camels is a form of fraud and deception against investors in the camel sector.

The club indicated that it will, in cooperation with the security authorities, list all the names of those cooperating with the arrested, and take appropriate measures against them, warning all veterinarians, owners or mediators who abuse or cooperate in tampering.

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