Video and audio .. Watch a video leaked by the artist Angie Khoury while she is being licked


Follow now news with audio and video .. Watch a video leaked by the artist Angie Khoury while she is licking exclusively on Gulf 365

Syrian actress Angie Khoury sparked a state of controversy and indignation on social media, after a number of activists circulated a photo of her scandalous video clip with Lebanese activist Rabih Zain.

And Angie Khoury published a live broadcast on social media, revealing the truth of the video and photos circulating.

Syrian actress Angie Khoury denied rumors that she had undergone many plastic surgeries through a photo she shared with the public through her official account on the social networking site Instagram, in which Khoury appeared hidden her charms for the first time, which shocked the audience. Khoury commented on the photo and said:

“Who loves natural beauty and everything natural”

Saad Mahmoud

Saad Mahmoud

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