Video- Hala Sedky: Yousra and Elham Shaheen want to choke me


Actress Hala Sedky joked with her fans with a video clip that she posted on her Instagram account, from a meeting she had with the two artists, Ilham Shaheen and Yousra, in a symposium held on the sidelines of the El Gouna Film Festival in its fifth session, in which they appeared while they were holding some papers and then they had a fit of hysterical laughter. … Hala commented on the video, saying: “Good morning. We tried, of course, to continue the meeting, but, as usual, with ice cream and laughter, your morning is full of happiness, and of course Ilham and Yousra want to suffocate me.”

Hala Sidqi had criticized the movie “feathers”, which was shown at the festival, during a telephone interview with the “On My Responsibility” program presented by Ahmed Moussa on “Sada Al-Balad” channel, saying: “We can consider it a fictional and unrealistic film.” : “People’s homes in popular areas are like elephants… Egypt has changed in the past four years.”

Sedky indicated that a state of intense anger dominated the artists who watched the movie “feathers” because of its insult to Egypt. She also pointed out that the artists spoke with the producer of the film after watching it and expressed their anger at his abuse of Egypt, adding that the producer said that the film was shown for the first time four years ago, that is, before the development that Egypt is currently witnessing.


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