Warnings against using headphones for a long time..and these are its disadvantages


At a time when this type of device has become an essential part of the daily life of many people, the voices of specialists have begun to warn of its harm, and among the medical warnings is a recent research published by the Australian website, The Conversation.

According to the new research, prolonged use of devices Wireless headphones Inside the ear can cause problems and affect earwax.

The importance of earwax

considered production earwaxCerumen, also known as cerumen, is a natural process in humans and many other mammals, and there should always be a thin layer of wax near the opening of the ear canal. Wax is a waterproof and protective secretion that moisturizes the skin of the outer ear canal.

It also prevents infection, providing a barrier to insects, bacteria and water.

Earwax is made by sebaceous gland secretions The sweat glands secreted by the hair follicles, which then trap dust, bacteria, fungi, hair and dead skin cells to create wax.

In this process, the outer ear canal is similar to an escalator system, with the wax always moving outward, a mechanism that prevents the ear from filling up with dead skin cells.

Natural jaw movements also help the wax come out of the ear, and once the wax has reached an end ear, it simply falls.

Earbuds damage

Ears are self-cleaning and do their job better without interruption, but anything that gets in the way of wax from the ear can cause problems.

The normal use of in-ear devices often does not cause problems, but the use of the earphone for long periods, such as leaving it on all day, can cause many damages, including earwax pressure, which makes it more solid, and more difficult for the body to expel naturally, and this may cause infections.

Among the disadvantages of these headphones, sweat and moisture trap in the ears, which makes them more susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections, and also creates a barrier to the natural expulsion of earwax, which eventually leads to the stimulation of the secretory glands and increased production and accumulation of earwax.

Specialists say that the accumulation of earwax can cause hearing problems, along with other symptoms such as pain, dizziness, tinnitus, itching, and vertigo, as well as damage to the sense of hearing itself, if the volume is set at a very high level.

Prolonged use of the headphones also reduces the level of general ear hygiene, especially in cases where the earbuds are not cleaned properly, or if they are contaminated with bacteria or infectious agents.

Doctors advise to reduce the use of HeadphonesThey also advise letting the earwax fall out on its own, and avoiding using cotton buds frequently, as this may push the earwax back into the ear canal.

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