“Was the Ghandour a referee for the mouse!”.. European newspapers about Mbappe’s goal


The goal of Kylian Mbappe, the star of the French national team and the Paris Saint-Germain team, against the Spanish national team, sparked widespread controversy over its authenticity, as suspicions were raised that it came from offside.

The Spanish national team met its French counterpart on Sunday evening in the European Nations League final, and La Roja lost 2-1 to crown the roosters with the title. To see the goals, click here

The newspapers of Spain spared no effort in questioning the validity of Mbappe’s goal, as they recalled their famous defeat in the 2002 World Cup quarter-final against South Korea, when the Egyptian Gamal Al-Ghandour was a referee for the match and refused to count a correct goal for former Real Madrid striker Fernando Morientes.

Below we review the most prominent European newspaper headlines, commenting on the final:


Mbappe broke the heart of the Spaniards

The Spanish newspaper wondered whether France’s second goal, which came through Mbappe, was not an offside, and also wondered why the offside lines that help the video referee to determine whether the attacker was offside or not.

The newspaper also recalled the memories of the 2002 World Cup, specifically the quarter-final match against South Korea, which was refereed by the Egyptian Gamal Al-Ghandour.

And the newspaper said, “Was Al-Ghandour a referee for the mouse!”, referring to the failure to cancel the goal due to infiltration and losing it with an arbitration scandal in the era of video technology.

She added: “La Roja did not win the title, but she won the recognition of the world as the best.”


‘unfair loss’

The Catalan newspaper said: “The wonderful Spanish national team lost against France in a scandalous way and the goal of Mbappe infiltration.”


“no title”

The newspaper said that the Spanish national team went out without a title after losing the European Nations League final, in addition to its exit from the recent European Nations “Euro 2020” competitions, but it referred to Luis Enrique, coach of La Roja, and the team’s performance.

She added that she expects the team to win titles in the future.

to liberate

The newspaper celebrated the French team’s victory in the European Nations League Cup, and said: “Another cup at home”, after winning the World Cup in its last edition in 2018.

Le Parisien

The Spanish press is angry… and Europe is under the influence of Mbappe

The French newspaper commented, “The Spanish newspapers only remember the feeling of injustice after Mbappe’s goal.”

Le Parisien believes that Mbappe was in a legal situation after Spain defender Eric Garcia touched the ball after Theo Hernandez’s pass, so the match referee considered the goal correct.

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